Wednesday, July 23, 2008

NH State Rep hopeful Martha McLeod and AG Kelly Ayotte run from the Truth about their hero, multiple felon Gregory W. Floyd.

With facts on the table about her and Kelly Ayotte's hero like these, it's a small wonder that Martha McLeod ran from the KingCast cameras on Saturday. Lynch would have looked stupid not to shake hands and play nice, so he did.
"What could the State have done differently to secure a conviction," wonders Bret Bosoleil in 1997.

"Have him charged with 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) instead of just the stateside statute," I say. In fact, ATF Special Agent Couglin clearly knew about the issue back then.

In fact, you can still do that now, this year even though the 1997 Statute of Limitations expired because we know in 2008 he had actual and constructive possession of at least one gun that was turned in to Grafton Sheriff Captain Leavitt; I verified that with the Captain twice last week.


Here's the 2008 signup sheet to get Floyd indicted in word (print it) and blog forms, respectively. Just sign and email to, or fax to Franconia Business Connection at: 603.823.8081.

I. Various updates:
Felony theft, likely expunged.
"Body Bag" threat mentioned by KingCast earlier; how did Floyd get away from us?
Violations of 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) known, but why no federal indictment?
Mass gun permit, did he lie to obtain this?

II. The roster of guns laying around the Floyd compound:
Page one. Lie about your lawyer.
Page two. Here's the list, guns and butter in the kitchen.
Page three. Guns and panties on the dresser.
Page four. Floyd more powerful than the CIA.

III. Gregory W. Floyd "downplays & minimizes" criminal past:
One. The poor handicapped soul.
Two. Laughs at Mass gun permit; minimizes his criminal past.
Three. Fingerprinted and made bail.

IV. The Shay Littlefield encounter:
One. Complaint filed.
Two. "Mom is awake I could not get the gun."
Three. "If you're gonna' take me get my drugs because I am going to get fucked up."
Four. Floyd calls Judge Cyr "a fucking asshole."
Factoid: Shay refused to identify Floyd at trial. Wonder why.

IV. The "old" material on Floyd that NH AG Kelly Ayotte and Senior AAG Strelzin conspired to hide from the public is right here.

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