Friday, August 15, 2008

KingCast v. Martha McLeod et al. Grafton 08-E-192 poses first NH Constitutional tests to RSA 611-B:21 and HB 4108.

Emails to a State Representative or Senator are allegedly not subject to FOIA and NH Right-to-Know? What a laughable proposition, oh, yah. So I'll effect service on the Defendants next week. I think my choice of process server is certain to unnerve a few people, but in a very constructive way. Someone said to me the other night, begging me to stop the litigation, "we're starting to heal...."

To which I say: "Yah, you're starting to heal in the sense that you can put lipstick and makeup on a battered spouse and heal those wounds right on up....."

KingCast v. McLeod, Franconia, Ayotte II
KingCast v. McLeod Injunction
KingCast proposed Injunction Order

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* Why RSA 611-b:21 is Constitutionally overbroad; the public doesn't even know if Bruce McKay discharged his weapon, or if Floyd was lying about the number of times he fired McKay's gun.
* Speaking of who shot whom, don't forget that we don't even know if Anthony Jarvis was even armed but we do know he sure is dead, amidst a hail of what, like 22 bullets. And they aren't saying who shot the LE yet, either.
* Was it friendly fire, like that 1979 made-for-TV movie with Ned Beatty and Carol Burnett ("Your son was killed by friendly fire, ma'am....") or like the Concord credit union shooting at 4:30 a.m. where we know it was friendly fire because there was only LE involved (at least that we know of), even though they weren't invited to be there and the building wasn't even open to the public.
* Or was it like the walk-by shooting of Revere officer Daniel Talbot, in which Sgt. Michael Ervin fled the scene, left his service weapon unsecured and lied about everything, after he and everyone had been at least drinking behind the schoolyard bleachers at 1:30 a.m. This after an afternoon of drinking, mind you. Thank goodness they finally sacked him.

I have FOIA/RSA 91-A requests in on both of the NH cases, yah. I told some folks in Franconia very close to this tragedy that I'm not even seriously contemplating a book on this matter until the litigation is concluded and that could be years from now. I also told them I will call it "Letters to Kelly," and they approved with knowing smile.

KingCast: Just the facts. Just the law.

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Christopher King said...

PS: Dig the composition of that picture at the Littleton Staples today. Nice American flag thing going on, yah.

I would defend anyone's right to burn it, but I wouldn't do so.

What I will do is exercise my Constitutional Rights guaranteed by said flag with impunity.

-The KingCaster