Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Hampshire State Rep and Senate hopeful Martha McLeod is sued for hiding public emails.

The service of the lawsuit is here.
The lawsuit is here.

You can run from U.S. Mail but you cannot hide from KingCast and the Sheriff, Martha.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

KingCast observes Kelly Ayotte's buddy Martha McLeod's modus operandi: Threaten anyone you don't like with arrest and stalking.

Incredibly, She threatened Davey Kenney and me with stalking at Cannon Mountain this year, then backed down on Davey when he told her who he was. He will testify to that anytime and we will discuss it this weekend. Martha -- Kelly Ayotte's partner in coverup -- was served yesterday by the Merrimack Sheriff's office in KingCast v. McLeod 08-E-268. And true to form, now I see that Kevin from Franconia writes in to this post about Miss Martha ignoring her Certified Mail from me, and notes:

"I have gone toe-to-toe with McLeod on the Cannon Mt. private/public partnership issue for the past couple of years...in early correspondence with Rep. McLeod asking her for comments on material that I had written on my goFranconia.com web site, she responded to me with a nastygram email threatening to send the State Police after me for harassing her via email. I had sent her a total of three emails - two of which she had responded to without indicating that they were harassing in any way and the third asking her comment on a controversial issue that she wanted to avoid - so instead threatened me with the strong arm of the law. So much for wanting to hear from her electorate.

Kathleen Taylor and Rep. McLeod are two peas in a pod....."[snip] read comments.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

KingCast and Christopher King, J.D. face Martha McLeod and are NH Senate "Scatter vote" #1!

Take a look. Somewhere in there are a couple of votes for Yours Truly, but the larger point is the 58 votes for Republican John Gallus, in a Democratic Primary. In order to find out the exact number of my scatter votes I have to physically go to Concord. Next week, I'll do just that. Here is KingCast v. Martha McLeod et al, 08-E-192.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

NH State Rep and Senate Candidate Martha McLeod refuses U.S. Mail. Again.

In this post we watched her run from Certified Package #7007 3020 0001 6051 6691, so I sent it to her home address via Priority Mail, Delivery confirmation 348 Wells Road, Franconia, NH 03580-5157, #0307 3330 0001 3502 8015. She refused that as well; it came back yesterday. Small wonder she believes her emails are not a matter of public record, natch. She's a stupid and hateful Democrat.

On the other hand, yesterday's meeting with Senator Tarr went well and we're getting our sponsors together. Watch for a press release on Robert Taylor's Law later this month. He's a smart and caring Republican.