Thursday, September 18, 2008

KingCast and Christopher King, J.D. face Martha McLeod and are NH Senate "Scatter vote" #1!

Take a look. Somewhere in there are a couple of votes for Yours Truly, but the larger point is the 58 votes for Republican John Gallus, in a Democratic Primary. In order to find out the exact number of my scatter votes I have to physically go to Concord. Next week, I'll do just that. Here is KingCast v. Martha McLeod et al, 08-E-192.

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Christopher King said...

4.7% district wide, BUT 14.6% in Franconia. Interesting statistical anomoly, no?

Wonder how this compares to prior year senate democartic primaries where the vote was uncontested? How about other uncontested state senate races this year?

She must be fuming. This is rich!

By Karl Rove, at 12:17 PM

Franconia is her home town where she grew up and went to school, where folks know her best.

Even Mondale carried his home state in 84.

Talk about a kick in the nuts.

By Geraldine Ferraro, at 12:25 PM

If she had some other then what is in her head !

A politician that chooses to turn and run rather then face the public she represents is not worthy of the job.

The statistics speak volumns !

Martha dosn't have a chance. At least she is getting her monies worth from her "campaign manager".

By Anonymous, at 12:34 PM

Most of the Gallus votes came from towns near Berlin or Berlin itself. Franconia, being geographically southern from his stronghold, makes it a standout, numbers aside.

We hates Mcleod, my precious, we hates her.

By Gollum, at 12:37 PM

Check out Kathleen Taylor's results here.

She is the hand-picked successor to McLeod's house seat. Kind of the "Gail" to McLeod's "Ophra".

She fared better, but still got 3 "scatter" votes in Franconia.

By Stedman Graham, at 12:46 PM

Franconia is a liberal democratic stronghold, owed to it's Franconia College roots and all. To have so many dems break ranks is unheard of. She really needs to rethink her politcal future.

By george stephanopoulos, at 1:23 PM

wow a collective made up of 3 people who voted for you. Guess we know about what the majority of people think about you.

By Anonymous, at 2:05 PM

Ditmar Kopf,

The point, believe it or not, is not about me.

It is about Martha McLeod.

Hell, I wasn't even a candidate and people voted for me, so how you like me now bubba?

By Christopher King, at 2:39 PM