Monday, November 17, 2008

KingCast presents: The signed affidavit of Davey Kenney.

It was faxed today at 1:50p EST and the original is on the way. You'll have to wait until I get to the scanner sometime tomorrow to see it. I told you so.

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Smiling faces.... show no traces.... of the evil that lurks within.... smiling faces tell lies.... and I got proof......

Speaking of liars: NH AG Kelly Ayotte told me she didn't have this email from State Rep. Al Baldasaro. How not? Maybe she had a lil' bonfire with Bruce McKay out at his place? You remember that, when the Lisbon FD responded to a suspicious fire and Bruce refused to pay for the cost of coverage.....

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Amy Goodman, Democracy Now and KingCast see NH Senate women run strong, make majority in NH but liar Martha McLeod (and other bad apples) lose big.

Davey Kenney told me last night about this article. That fits well with my election day observation that she couldn't bust a grape, even amongs Dems. Now she's gotta face the music and Kidd v. Department of Justice, 362 F.Supp.2d 291 D.D.C. (2005) in KingCast v. McLeod, 08-E-192 for her failure to provide public emails and her history of deceit. Whether I win or lose, the word is out about her, and New Hampshire is better for the experience.
But that's not all. Other deceitful NH Politicos got smoked last week too. HB1428 Supporter John Tholl ran a last-minute campaign on DUI, but everyone knows he espouses police abuse because he let his boy Fleming rough up Diane Lyon, look at her arm. Here's the first time I mentioned the case.

And Coos County (Coos means crooked in Native American tongue) Attorney Keith Cloutare lost to Democrat Robert Mekeel. One KingCast correspondent sent a news story that read:
"Nine Coos police chiefs and the Coos Sheriff had endorsed his reelection. But in the end, Clouatre said the strong Democrat turnout made it a tough election for Republicans."

Nah, dawg, maybe it was a plea for integrity that carried the Day. Read the email to me from Diane Lyon in the comments and remember Cloutare's pathetic performance in the DWI vehicular homicide trial of Emily Ridley, whose driving killed Brandon Newton. Now Brandon Newton's family will have no justice or closure because Cloutare didn't ask for a continuance when Sgt. Todd Cohen, an accident reconstruction specialist failed to appear. I believe Ridley had been convicted on prior occasion so the state's case had some merit. This is all that's left of Lorna Colquhoun's Union Leader story.
"Becky Newton wishes the jury had had the opportunity to hear testimony from the state police sergeant in charge of the accident reconstruction team that investigated her son's death last year."

You know Sgt. Cohen: He's the one that ran over the Clements -- two innocent bicyclists -- without reprimand or any sanction as noted in this post.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

More emails from failed NH Senate hopeful Martha McLeod prove she is a complete asshat.

Rep. McLeod threatened a constituent with charges of harassment because she didn’t want to be listed as the Representative for Franconia on a local community website or receive emails that were being distributed to members of an opt-in mailing list. She had originally asked to be placed on the opt-in list. Rep. McLeod is interested in hearing from constituents that agree with her but threatens a criminal investigation if one disagrees with her position.

(Text of email from Rep. Mcleod)

From: McLeod, Martha
Cc: Gallus, John ;
Sent: Friday, March 16, 2007 5:43 PM
Subject: Consider this notice

Mr. Johnson,

Please remove me from your email list and your website. Your website is an unreliable source of information for the public. It is a well known fact in the community that the information posted there and sent out has most certainly been tampered with to achieve the results you and others are looking for and to harass public officials, including me.

Do not contact me again. If you continue to harass me I will notify NH House Security and the NH State Police and ask them to investigate.

Rep Martha McLeod

10:02 AM

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Obama, King win big in NH, deceitful Dem Martha McLeod properly comes up as Big Loser in Senate race.

Absolutely unbelievable is the only way to describe the evenings events, and no one understood the gravity of the situation more than President-elect Barack Obama: “I couldn’t have done it without the support of KingCast,” said a tearful and introspective Obama.
“I owe it all to Christopher King. That guy really rocked in KingCast v. Ayotte and he’s set to really define a new paradigm of open government in KingCast v. McLeod..... And as King used rhetorical advocacy reminiscent of his namesake and foreshadowed in his oral argument nearly a year ago before Judge Vaughn, people were indeed taking notice of me and my pledge of change and open government.

Next I will see to it that the New Hampshire School Board Association (NHSBA) changes its position on restrictive speech in the public schools, and that Vice President Biden oversees the prosecution of Gregory W. Floyd for being an habitual 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) violator – as he promised to Mr. King and thousands of others from his Nashua town hall meeting.”
President-elect Obama smiled as he continued:
“The people of New Hampshire have spoken, the people of America have spoken, and the World will become a much better place for it.”
Reached for comment at his new office, King said
“I’m thrilled to see a New Day in America. We've got Good Law to beat Kelly and we've got Good Law to beat Martha. Barack did what he had to do and I did what I had to do.”
Meanwhile, Martha McLeod was seen sniveling at her loss to Republican John Gallus, forever an outcast in her own town of Franconia, owing to her history of deceitful actions as she helped Republican NH AG Kelly Ayotte try to whitewash America about the Truth of Bruce McKay’s tenure as a "classic rogue bully hiding behind his badge" in Franconia. His peers said that.

The Union Leader agrees with the KingCast postion, on Mcleod, as noted in the comments. All those Dems winning across the country and that bird couldn't even bust a grape. She lost, but she actually had a fighting chance were it not for her general sense of idiocy and self-righteousness in forwarding properly-failed HB 1428 Bruce McKay Highway.

I look forward to seeing Miss Martha and hubby in court in a few weeks pursuant to Kidd v. Department of Justice, 362 F.Supp.2d 291 D.D.C. (2005).

Saturday, November 1, 2008

KingCast presents Kidd v. Department of Justice, 362 F.Supp.2d 291 D.D.C. (2005); rests his case against email hider and State Rep. Martha McLeod.

Respondents surely acknowledge that electronic mails (emails) are documents just like any other communication, per HB 1408 (read below) and they admit that FOIA governs this matter (see Respondents' Motion to Dismiss at p__). Therefore, Respondents' arguments that individual Representatives are not subject to FOIA is incorrect and Petitioner is entitled to the requested emails with appropriate redaction under Kidd v. Department of Justice 362 F.Supp.2d 291 D.D.C.,2005.

[13] Headnote Citing References The second and third documents for which Kidd seeks to compel full disclosure are two constituent letters written by third parties to then-Senator Strom Thurmond and Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher regarding the “We the People Foundation.” Def.'s Mot. at 18. The agency released both letters to Kidd, redacting only the names and home addresses of the letter writers. Id. DOJ argues that it withheld the names and addresses of the constituents because “[w]hen communicating with their Senator or Congressperson, these individuals did not expect that their names or home addresses would be subject to public scrutiny.” Id. at 19. Providing personal identifying information commonly found in constituent letters does not advance the purposes of FOIA and, as such, may be withheld from FOIA requests.

We're done here. Game over Martha, insert coin.

91-A:1-a Definitions. In this chapter:

III. “Governmental records” means any information created, accepted, or obtained by, or on behalf of, any public body, or a quorum or majority thereof, or any public agency in furtherance of its official function. Without limiting the foregoing, the term “governmental records” includes any written communication or other information, whether in paper, electronic, or other physical form, received by a quorum or majority of a public body in furtherance of its official function, whether at a meeting or outside a meeting of the body. The term “governmental records” shall also include the term “public records.”

.....Respondents attempted to pull the wool over the Court's eyes by focusing on the "quorum" but the cold hard truth is that the legislature had better be a "public body" or the future of this Democracy (or Republic, however you view it) is severely imperiled. Has privatization gone that far? Thus, the emails "accepted, or obtained by, or on behalf" of a State Representative are part of the public body and Respondents ought be sanctioned for arguing otherwise.

Respectfully submitted, The KingCaster.