Monday, March 2, 2009

KingCast rolls his RSA 91-A(4) eyes at Senator Robert Letourneau and says "Press the eject and give me the tape" on SB 154 public hearing.

Dear Senator Letourneau: Your staffer Jessica has been extremely courteous and professional with me, regarding your ill-conceived attempt to name another road after "rogue bully hiding behind his badge" Bruce McKay, which is much less than I can say about you and your deportment at last month's hearing. She is producing the written transcript for me but she and the clerk's office are telling me that there does not appear to be a way for me to obtain the actual audio tape recording of the hearing, in which you incessantly cut me off and attempted to truncate my First Amendment Rights.

At any rate, I hereby formally request an audio copy of our exchange, and of the entire meeting as it is clearly within the ambit of RSA 91-A(4):
II. After the completion of a meeting of a public body, every citizen, during the regular or business hours of such public body, and on the regular business premises of such public body, has the right to inspect all notes, materials, tapes, or other sources used for compiling the minutes of such meetings, and to make memoranda or abstracts or to copy such notes, materials, tapes, or sources inspected, except as otherwise prohibited by statute or RSA 91-A:5.

And believe me Sir, nothing would make me happier than to sue you over it, so no matter what you do -- give me the tape now or make me fight you for it -- you're making me happy, and that is indeed the role of a good public servant. Now go on ahead and make your move, son. Here's a little Bauhaus for you, to brighten your day as you admit defeat at the hands of the sanctimonious KingCaster! Now quit pulling my chain, press the eject and give me the tape. If I don't hear from you or Jessica by close of business, 6 March 2009 I'll hail you into court like it's nobody's business. I will not have you jacking around with the public trust, you got that? Good.

She's in Parties. That's a sweet bass line and guitar track isn't is, Sir? Jam on with KingCast.