Sunday, May 30, 2010

KingCast reminds Rich McLeod and Carl Belz: The Jig really is up.

Oh, yah, just as I said in the now-famous Issac Hayes post. I can't wait to see how soon-to-be former Selectman McLeod responds to the pending recall petition and how he and Selectman Carl Belz respond to the discovery requests in Liko Kenney v. Franconia et al. See that's gonna' be a hoot between all the published statements that contradict not only themselves but the Real Facts, some of which are right here in the Mark Montminy post.

Bruce McKay actually tried to illegally shut down a complaint of child abuse. That's likely a chargeable offense in and of itself, goes to negligent retention and supervision, duh. I told you in Bowfinger or Bad Blood 1 and 2 (para 4) that Bruce McKay was not "by the book" but was rather "by the seat of his pants," Officer Pepper John Wayne wannabe. It's all going to come out, and it's going to come out right here bubba. The interview with Carl Belz is just other-Worldly but that will definitely not be published until after the town responds to Discovery. Whew. What a motherlode of information, some of which even I was unaware. Okay, well I will say this much because it has already been discussed, but as Ryan Hartford told me in this interview about another botched and dismissed Bruce McKay case the first time I met him, Bruce McKay was out of Jurisdiction at Profile School when he sent that innocent girl to the hospital with his OC Spray, and Carl Belz said as much. As a recent retiree he can and should be a valuable ally in the quest for Truth and Open Government going forward. I know he feels bad about the past but we can't fix that, we can only be honest about what everyone knew and should have known.

Yah, as I say the Investigative files have most of the Real Deal, and while I'm not going to be too specific about that, the family and the Free World look forward to comparing what the government says this time with Reality, in a Court of Law. And remember, at least one professional review the file and found liability all over the place. They won't be the last to say that when it's all said and done.

KingCast: Reel news for real people.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

KingCast and Calendonian Record's Robert Blechl say "Lupines are out and Martha McLeod is about to be sued by Edmond Gionet!"

The entire text is in the comments section at Chris King's 1st Amendment Page, but for now dig this:
In a May 3 statement to the House of Representatives, Gionet stated he never met with McKay on either a personal or professional basis and believes he has been "defamed and falsely accused of a criminal act in attempting to fix a speeding ticket."

Gionet, who said in his letter he will seek damages as prescribed by law, provided a stamped copy of his driving record from the NH DMV that shows a clean record and no infractions.

On May 4, Gionet and Chandler drafted a letter to NCHC's board of directors as well as to Nick Toumpas, NH Dept of Health and Human Services commissioner, informing them that a "vicious and possibly slanderous e-mail" was sent through NCHC by McLeod. Gionet and Chandler state McLeod's e-mail "crosses over the line" and "reverts to lies and slander in an attempt to gain revenge, in anger, over a vote that did not go as she had anticipated."

I told you about failed State Rep Martha McLeod and her baseless accusations against Representative Gionet in this post:
KingCast tells legislative loser and waste product Martha McLeod: I will sue your ass for Defamation. Wait for it. which she also accused me and others of
"threats of physical and sexual violence."

She mentioned the KingCaster by name, so you know I've had an impact, she just wishes that it was some kind of illegal impact but in reality the only illegalities involved are most likely coming from her and hubby Rich, LOL.

.......Well that and the illegalities that Bruce McKay may have occasioned when he was "hell bent for Leather" that's an inside joke that's not very funny, but is instead very serious for those of us who consider importuning suspects for sex to be unlawful. Again, my sources have never been wrong, not once.

Anyway I'm just gonna' sit back, chill out, ride the 650R around and catch some rays at the beach, work on my tan and watch this unfold, then use it in my lawsuit against this hateful, misguided nitwit. Remember when protectionist Judge Timothy Vaughn threw out my lawsuit against McLeod seeking her emails about failed HB 1428 Bruce McKay Highway without a hearing or anything, well let's see him try to do that to State Rep Gionet, he's in position Vaughn can't play him out-the-pocket like that, hahahaaaa....

Hahahaaa....... Liko Kenney's lawsuit is about much more than Kelly Ayotte and the Town of Franconia's coverups in that isolated case. It's about an entire amoral or immoral value system that has been superimposed on the Good People of the North Country by soulless and corrupt politicians and LE who treat those good people as white n*****s. And I won't have anybody treated as n*****, it's not cool.

Above: Enjoy the KingCast minute with the McLeods and see hubby Rick McLeod in caricature in my new North Country video, "Bowfinger or Bad Blood3, Aiyana and Ayotte, Read about Rich and Defendant Mark Montminy's dereliction of duties in this post.

KingCast: Reel news for real people.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

KingCast says "Liko Kenney and abused Franconia residents were indeed articulate, but they were indeed ignored by Chief Mark Montminy."

"........My husband was a police officer and his friends at the Attorney General's office suggested I write a complaint."

"I recommended he be sent to a certified psychologist for cognitive testing for communication and control issues... this could cause serious problems for officer McKay or Franconia."

"I said that ambiguity in policy and procedures makes Bruce McKay a dangerous person."

"I said I am not writing to retaliate and said this should serve as an instrument to warn Franconia of a dangerous situation."

I said that consideration of assessment information as well as citizen reports should determine his ability to perform the duties of a law enforcement officer."

In the short film below and right here at Casey Sherman's Bad Blood book launch is most of what you need to know about Franconia's Corporal Norman Bruce McKay. Above are some scenes from my morning breakfast with Chief Montminy and Town Clerk Sally Small. It's all going to come out, folks. Just takes time, resolve and courage. But until it comes out, no true healing will occur, as noted by Attorney Geoffrey Fieger in yesterday's Bowfinger or Bad Blood 3 relative to Aiyana Stanley-Jones' murder at the hands of aggressive LE and the complicitous First 48 sensation-seeking journalists. Bowfinger or Bad Blood 1 and 2.

KingCast: Reel news for real people.

Monday, May 24, 2010

KingCast asks, "Where the hell is multiple felon Gregory Floyd?"

See how the NH system doesn't tell you if the person is still incarcerated? Interesting. Also interesting is the question of who bought his suits, who paid his property tax lien, who paid for his (multiple) lawyers, all of that. And if he's no longer in the can then we have to have a real address for this tool because he's always on reporting status, duh.

Update: He's still there, last parole hearing continued at his request on 15 April 2010 because he didn't have a place to live. Now I understand that someone paid his lien, as noted above. Here's a video I posted with commentary from a concerned community member, and by all means listen to this morning's North Coast video, "Bowfinger or Bad Blood 3: Aiyana and Ayotte; Liko Kenney lawsuit against Floyd, Franconia."

PS: Remember the fingerprint evidence that should have been maintained but which was not produced in my KingCast v. Ayotte et al. lawsuit? Read about it here, note that all of the links to the documents have been disabled, but I still have the documents. We all know the reason they haven't produced it is because Greg Floyd's fingerprints are all over Liko's second clip because Floyd, not Liko, inserted that clip. This (again) is why Greg Floyd had Liko Kenney's live round in his pocket and was somehow not even searched and was allowed to go home with it, see para. 1 last sentence.

Floyd puts the second clip in, and PRESTO! He can now articulate that Liko Kenney was allegedly an ongoing threat to him, but it doesn't work because as Casey Sherman, Brad Whipple and I all know, Floyd's first two (2) statements to the "Investigating" LE was the he didn't say a word to Liko Kenney before murdering him (IMO). I've put the documents online her on prior occasion so I'm not going to bother with it now, but we all know that makes sense (in a Floyd kinda' way) because he didn't say a word to him before shooting out his windshield with the now infamous Windshield Bullet.

Broadcasting live from Franconia, and on behalf of Peace, Justice and the First Amendment,
KingCast: Reel news for real people.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

KingCast presents Bowfinger or Bad Blood 3: Aiyana and Ayotte; Liko Kenney lawsuit against Floyd, Franconia.

Martin Luther King; Attorney Fieger:
Peace isn’t the absence of violence, peace is the presence of Justice.......Tension will get worse if people believe they’ve been lied to……

Liko Kenney and Aiyana Stanley-Jones were both victims of police abuse. In Liko’s case it took form over the course of several years. In Aiyana’s case it just took a few hours for reckless corporate media to become complicit in her death, a tragedy stoked by the fires of sensationalism.

In Liko’s case the major media conspired with LE to make it appear that Liko had no grounds to tell McKay in 2003 that he could not keep him there at Fox Hill Park (just out of eyesight from where I am sitting right now) without Good Cause. Yes he was too boisterous but he was CORRECT and did not deserve to be taken down when he was the one asking for other officers in the first place!

As we know, Littleton District Judge Peter Cyr (Mr. "No-Knock raid" himself) DISMISSED other cases from the exact same time period because egress was cut off without Probable Cause, see para. 6. Any notion that McKay was "lenient" at sentencing was bogus -- he was "lenient" because he got away with violating Liko Kenney's Fourth Amendment Rights. I could continue, and I will. But not now. For now just watch this movie and the first two Bowfinger or Bad Blood short films.

Reporting live from Franconia,
KingCast: Reel news for real people.

PS: As to Mark Taylor being named, something tells me (I dunno, perhaps my experience in successfully prosecuting Monell/Police Civil Rights cases and having police found liable for making Michael Isreal a victim of violent crime) that if he did what I believe he did, he'll get weeded out of it ;)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

KingCast: The Cat in the Hat..... or the Cool Cat with the Truth about the Franconia shooting tragedy.

One: Cool Cats in town of Franconia vote down Russell Cumbee's Bruce McKay Highway warrant bill.
Two: Cool Cats in NH State House vote down SB154 Bruce McKay Highway.
Three: Cool Cats in Franconia Town Hall vote down any Bruce McKay Highway.
Four: Cool Cats KingCast and Trent Berry share the perfect pint.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

KingCast, Kelly Ayotte and the town of Franconia present: How to violate protocol, the U.S. Constitution, and be a jackass in three easy steps.

Sooo..... is that not enough for ya'.... watch the first two Bowfinger or Bad Blood short films, in anticipation of the next two, and of the Casey Sherman screenplay adopted from his best-selling book "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains."

KingCast: With pictures you won't see anywhere else in the World, I'm hardly someone out on a wing..... it's reel news for real people.

Friday, May 14, 2010

KingCast HD roundup: Hawken School, Trent Berry and protectionism by Judge Timothy Vaughan in KingCast v. Ayotte/Franconia RSA 91-A lawsuit.

Remember how the Littleton Courier read the same Order from Judge Vaughn that I read, and we came to the same conclusion: NH AG Kelly Ayotte and/or the town of Franconia owed me reasonable costs from my RSA 91-A lawsuit? Well how come it never happened, that makes no sense. Just another piece of protectionism from Judge Vaughn, who has LE ties in his background, I'm pretty sure of that, will check my sources again tomorrow, but even if he doesn't, his non-order of payment violates the letter and spirit of his own Decision.


Dirty dirty dirty and they tried to keep it from the public and largely succeeded.

Jeepers..... U.S. Senate hopeful and big business dupe Kelly illegally withheld her investigation protocol for homicides. Nice.

Regarding the video of the 5/11 dash cam:

[KingCast] may copy the original video under supervision of custodial police authority.

And the AG's office got dinged for failing to provide protocol regarding homicide investigations:
"The Court has reviewed the cases and affidavits on which the Attorney General's office relied in originally denying the Petitioner access to its protocols for investigation of a homicide and finds that such withholding was not justified."

As KingCast requested, the State was ordered to provide some Affidavits as to the validity and depth of their purported searches for information, which is good:

As to the Troy Watts Complaint against Bruce McKay (here it is, and to KingCast one of the 3 most important issues) the Court wrote:
"In this case, the Petitioner has demonstrated several positive indications of materials that were not located in the search, including Attorney Watts' statement as to the existence of his complaint against Officer McKay, and a document that may be the requested police report, inadvertently disclosed (KingCast is in possession of what appears to be a police report that Franconia claimed not to have!)
The Franconia Defendants must therefore undertake another search, since this search lacks indicia of reasonableness...."

KingCast: Reel news for real people.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

KingCast HD visit to Hawken School, lawsuit commemorate 3rd Anniversary of the Franconia shooting tragedy and attendant coverup by NH AG Kelly Ayotte.

Soooo.......iPhone update: A lawsuit has been filed. I haven't seen it nor do I know the particulars but it will all be shown to me shortly, and of course should be part of Casey Sherman's Bad Blood Movie screenplay.

These videos are part of yesterday's visit to Hawken School and two of the KingCast "Bowfinger or Bad Blood" short films that document one of the biggest coverups in New Hampshire Law Enforcement history, almost rivaling the Dow Murders situation in which NH LE Richard Dow most assuredly murdered his wife and adoptive son.

Today is the third year anniversary of one of the biggest police and community tragedies in New Hampshire History. It started out as a morning in which I was actually praising former NH AG Kelly Ayotte in this post, only to be called in to investigate the Franconia shooting tragedy involving Liko Kenney, Bruce McKay and multiple-felon Gregory Floyd.

I reflected on this matter yesterday during my impromptu visit to Hawken School’s Lower School campus because I am thankful for my ability to Make a Change in our World. Very few children have the kind of luck and circumstance to be raised in an environment where they are taught to believe in themselves while being presented with the tools to sustain that belief. I know for example that Liko Kenney didn’t receive the kind of attention to his learning disabilities (dyslexia) that he needed, despite his mother’s best attempts.

But in my instance, my trackers indicate that scores of people are reading this blog as they watch and download my short films and documents. Many of these downloads are related to former NH State Rep Martha McLeod and Kelly Ayotte and her ongoing pattern of deceit (see the FRM Ponzi scam deleted emails post) as she heads toward the U.S. Senate election. The haters keep on hating, and I keep on doing what I want to do, riding my little 650R about town, be it videotaping lies in the Revere MA Dan Talbot Police Murder trial or tennis with John McEnroe, busting the Boston Herald, Jessica Van Sack and Channel 7 for Defamation and CORI violations, exposing Citibank and counsel as liars, engaging youth in my nonprofit endeavors or representing the voice of many people in Franconia who feel they have been left out of the picture by major media.

The Today Show right now is discussing “Making A Difference” as a segment that will be shown on today’s evening news. For me it’s not about a segment. It’s my entire life, and nobody is going to stop me from doing it, as Judge and Gubernatorial ticket Candidate Yvette McGee Brown is well aware, full KingCast video on her visit to Antioch Church coming this week. The Hawken visit video – an ode to my parents and to Lake Erie Silver Dolphins and Hawken swim coach Jerry Holtrey – will appear in this post sometime this week and replace the raw clip posted herein.
With that, have a great day. I will. I always do :)

KingCast: Some people like to joke at me, but I'm not as funny as my classmate Molly Shannon, I'm just Reel news for real people. Hall Kirkham '83 gets the picture.

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Friday, May 7, 2010

KingCast, Brad Whipple and Casey Sherman agree in Bad Blood Bowfinger2: No investigation.

Here is part 1 -- which is really part two, this short film is part one of four. Kelly Ayotte, your dirty deeds will catch up with you, and your emails can't really be "destroyed" they are still there in the hard drives.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

KingCast presents: Bowfinger or Bad Blood2 teaser.

The KingCast command center for North Country productions. A little orange liliquoi (passion fruit) curd is good for the Soul :)

This is how the KingCast Bowfinger Bad Blood series actually commences, with retired Franconia and Sugar Hill LE Bradford Whipple breaking it down:
"And he was a rogue in every sense.... against the weak, the ones who hurt...... Anyone in Law Enforcement who says McKay is one of them.... is getting on the wrong side."

KingCast and the iPhone present: "Is it Bowfinger or Bad Blood?"

Update: This is a badass little movie. Not because I'm such a badass film maker, but because the subject matter comes to me so readily. This blog is the perfect convergence of law, politics and technology. And it's here to stay.

Sooo..... Davey Kenney and I just approved the working title of our production, an Ode to Bowfinger! Images and a short KingCast trailer coming soon. As I said three (3) years ago, only I have the inside footage of certain things and certain people want me to help them put their voices forward, so, hey, that's what I'm going to do. True enough, anyone can make a documentary and I look forward to the Bad Blood production as it is overall a Wonderful Thing, but only I can make the movie that we're about to make up here in North Country, and everyone knows it. I make movies about Franconia..... from Franconia.

Meanwhile these are some blokes I met on the way up this morning, imagine two 650Rs, a 636, a 300ZX Turbo, a WRX and a Chevy Corvette heading northbound into Bruce McKay Highway errrrrr..... I-93. Didja' know that on the Tuesday the week prior, Bruce McKay drove on to the skating rink in an unnecessary and threatening manner to disperse the Youth, even though there were no posted hours that they were violating. TIme for another KingCast RSA 91-A request, let's see how long it takes to provide the incident reports this time.....

KingCast: A triple Ninja throwing star for Justice.